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Hearing Is A Gift & Ears Are Mini Miracles

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Hearing loss may happen suddenly or gradually and differs from most other conditions in one important respect- it is invisible. This means that often it is not obvious and hence is not understood. Your ability to hear can significantly impact on how well you can interact with your family, friends, colleagues and the world around you.

Loss of hearing impacts every aspect of our lives and many hearing impaired people would benefit from a hearing instrument. The hearing instruments (link to hearing instruments page) available today are more technologically advanced then ever and come in discreet and stylish designs.

It is of great importance to be aware of hearing limitations and seek treatment early to deal effectively with any hearing loss.

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Screen Your Hearing

Hearing Screening
  • Hearing Screening was created by Audiology experts at Signia (Siemens) to help you determine whether you have a hearing impairment.
  • Hearing Screening examines how well you can detect words in background noise