Hearing Is A Gift & Ears Are Mini Miracles

Can I buy a hearing aids from the internet?

Yes you can. However the things you should consider before making the purchase is

  • You should have an accurate hearing test results (Audiogram). This test should be carried out by an Audiologist in all the speech frequencies from 250Hz to 8kHz. It is also important to have a Speech audiometry done at the same time because this will give the Audiologist information whether there are any difficulties in not only hearing speech sounds but also comprehending speech sounds which is the core of hearing rehabilitation by amplification.
  • The hearing aids should be programmed to your degree and the MCL (most comfortable level) of your hearing loss. Most hearing aids come with multiple hearing programs and can be programmed with individual choices to suit your life style. You should be able to access the programming of the hearing aids with ease and have ways to discuss which suits best to your lifestyle.
  • If there is need for a mould or ear level hearing aids there will be a need for getting good impressions taken for the size and shape of your ear canal by a qualified Audiologist.
  • All hearing aids require ongoing maintenance due to its problems due to wax (cerumen) blocks, moisture and corrosion. Consider the accessibility of an Audiology clinic nearby the place of your living which will be able to service these hearing aids.
  • It is recommended to assess your hearing every year as hearing can change as age advances and the hearing aids should require programming and fine tuning the programs based on the hearing levels and you should have access for these facilities.
  • It is highly recommended you consult a qualified Audiologist before making online purchases.

What are the steps involved in Assessment of hearing?

As booking is essential for your assessment, please call 07 3398 7555 to make an appointment for the initial consultation and assessment. During this appointment a detailed case history of your ear health will be taken and your hearing will be assessed in both your ears. You will be assessed for Audiometry, Tympanometry, Reflexometry, Speech Audiometry and other additional tests if required base on the outcome of Audiometry test result. The test results will be explained and also the recommendations. The whole procedure could take from 60 mins to 90 mins. The results will be reported to appropriate medical and health professionals

What the steps involved in Fitting of Hearing amplification (hearing aids or assistive listening devices)

  • Initial appointment involves assessment of your hearing and explanation of test results.
  • The choice of hearing aids/amplification devices based on your life style needs and the degree of hearing loss will be made during this time. (Can be on the same day of assessment or an appointment made for 30 mins)
  • Fitting of the hearing aids/assistive listening devices which includes programming of the devices, management tutorial, care and maintenance of the devices or hearing aids ( 60 mins to 90 mins)
  • Initial follow-up and evaluating the outcome of amplification and or fine tuning of the devices (30 mins to 45 mins).
  • Second follow-up Auditory training tutorial for getting better acclimatised to the use of hearing aids (30 mins to 60 mins).
  • Further follow-up if needed.
  • Yearly Assessments and fine tuning of the aids (Check the optimum functioning of the aids)

It is highly recommended the spouse or immediate others or carer is present for all these appointments.

How do I know I have a hearing loss?

If you feel that people are always mumbling, you find it difficult to hear with background noises, you often want to turn the television louder, or, you have problems hearing people when they are not facing you, then I strongly recommend that you fill out the "Signs of Hearing Loss" questionnaire and take the online screening test. If you fail in any of the questionnaire points or fail in any one frequency of the screening test you may need your hearing checked by an Audiologist.

Do I need a Hearing Aid if I have a hearing loss?

Firstly you should get your hearing tested and quantify the type and the nature of your hearing loss. Some types of hearing losses can be rectified by medical intervention and some hearing losses can not be treated medically. Hearing aids may not be of benefit to you if you have very poor speech comprehension scores. It also depends on your lifestyle; you may not need a hearing aid but you may benefit from an Assistive Listening Device (ALD). As a rule of the thumb most sensorineural hearing losses can benefit from a suitable type and style of aid.

Will Hearing aids be suitable for my lifestyle?

You will be amazed at the type and styles of hearing aids which are now available. They range from completely in the canal (CIC) to slim-line behind the ear aids. Depending on your degree of hearing loss and the style you prefer there are suitable hearing aids to match your lifestyle. These days there are also hearing aids to suit different colour requirements.

Do I need two aids if I have hearing loss in both ears?

Two ears are better than one, so if you have two aids you get the binaural summation effect like hearing via stereo headphones. If you tend to have a hearing aid in only one ear you are depriving the pathway of sound to the brain through the unaided ear and that ear becomes dormant or lazy as the aided ear becomes active in listening to sounds. Just as spectacles normally have a different prescription for each eye, you can benefit from having a differently programmed hearing aid for each ear.

Where do I get a hearing aid?

The best way to obtain a prescribed hearing aid is through visiting an Audiologist. An Audiologist will evaluate your hearing loss and your lifestyle needs. Based on these outcomes an Audiologist will recommend a suitable style and size of hearing aid that best suits the nature and degree of your hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle needs.

What help is available?

Under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program you may be eligible for completely subsidised (Free to Client) hearing aids and hearing re-habilitation services. Please call one of our Client Care Officers to check your eligibility on 07 3398 7555 or alternatively Freecall 1800 786 865.

Private Health Fund rebates are available, check with your private health fund as to the conditions and rules of eligibility. Tax offsets are also available as hearing aids can be claimed as a medical appliance expense.

Also check with our Client Care Service team your eligibility for Seniors or Carer card holders discount.

Who is eligible?

All holders of a Pension Concession Card and/or all holders of a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Repatriation Pensioner Concession card are eligible for help from the Australian Government Hearing Assistance Program. For further information please check on our Pensioners and Veterans page.

Where can I get a voucher application form?

You can contact our clinic for a Voucher Application Form or alternatively you can download the Hearing Services Voucher Application form .

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Hearing aids are micro miniature computers which are designed in shape and size and programmed to suit your hearing loss. Years of research and testing have gone into developing an aid that can best suit your need.

WARNING: Never buy an aid that is not designed for you. Hearing aids must be made and programmed to suit your ear canal resonance and hearing loss in size, shape and degree of amplification. For further information contact us.