Causes of Hearing Loss

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Age is one of the major contributors to hearing loss. As we grow older our bodies start degenerating along with the hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea). As hearing is a psycho-physiological phenomenon it also depends on how alert we are to receive, process and decipher sounds.


Noise is one of the major causes of hearing loss. Overexposure to noise can be due to workplace noise exposure or recreational noises such as loud music and personal music players (iPods) or other loud noises such as gunfire.


Certain chemicals and drugs can damage your hearing if taken over long periods of time. This mainly affects the inner ear.


Some diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella (German measles) and meningitis, can cause loss of hearing.


Outer ear, middle ear or inner ear infections can cause hearing loss. This can be treated medically and can be reversed if intervention is early enough to prevent permanent damage.


Injuries, including perforation of the ear drum, fractured skull or large changes in air pressure (barotrauma) can also cause hearing loss.

Private Health Fund Rebates and Tax Offsets

Private Health funds

Hearing aids may be covered by your private health fund. Please check with your own private health fund if you are eligible for a rebate as each fund varies according to amounts, conditions and rules that can affect your entitlements.

Tax offsets can also be obtained from the Australian Taxation office as hearing aids come under the "medical expenses tax offset". Further advice can be obtained by phoning the Personal Tax Infoline on 132 861 or on 1800 806 215 (TTY)