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  • You can hear but not understand sounds and speech clearly.
  • You find it much harder to hear in noise and groups of people or in places with back ground noises.
  • You have difficulty understanding people if they are not facing you.
  • You think people mumble or do not talk clearly.
  • You often ask people to repeat what they are saying.
  • You may turn the Television louder than others.
  • You may miss a conversation or misunderstand a conversation.
  • You avoid group meetings, social occasions, and even family gatherings because you have difficulty hearing.
  • You don't hear the phone or door bell ring unless you are close to it.
  • You have head noises, such as buzzing or ringing sounds (tinnitus).

The questionnaire below will give you a general idea whether you are developing a hearing loss or not. Why not take stock of your hearing by filling in this questionnaire:

If you tick a box for any of the below reasons you may be developing a hearing loss. You can do an online screening of your hearing by clicking this Link.

The best procedure to quantify your hearing and arrive at a baseline of your hearing levels is to get tested by an Audiologist. An Audiologist will be able to explain your hearing levels and give advice on any prevention or re-habilitation measures needed depending on the degree and nature of your hearing.

Take Stock of your Hearing with our online questionnaire

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  1. Turning TV louder than normal
  2. Missing Telephone or door bell ring
  3. Difficulty having a conversation over the phone
  4. Difficulty hearing people when they are not facing you
  5. Difficulty hearing in small/big groups with background noises
  6. Asking for frequent repetitions in a conversation